Many of our members teach workshops and are available to talk to guilds and at conferences. Click on the link for the artist email or web site to contact them individually and learn more about the workshops they offer.

Deanna Deeds

Deanna teaches weaving with a twist, to either individuals or groups. She offers lecture presentations on sprang and on doup leno lace weaving, and workshops in working sprang technique and in adding sprang to loom weaving. For more information, see Deanna’s website at


Deborah Jarchow

Deborah teaches classes and workshops on various fiber art techniques, specializing in weaving. She gives many classes at the Fiber Arts Studio at Studio Channel Islands Art Center in Camarillo, CA. Deborah also teaches and leads seminars at knitting or weaving shops, guilds and conferences. For more information, see Deborah’s website at


Trish Lange

Trish states "I do not do yardage". She specializes in clothing design for handweavers and offers over a dozen lectures and up to 5 day workshops on several topics, especially designing, custom sizing, planned details, and pizzazz before weaving, ending up with very little cutting and simple sewing.  In addition, classes are offered in felted scarves, beads, and flowers.  Trish has taught locally, nationally, and at Convergence. For more information go to


Michael Rohde

Michael teaches workshops and classes on rug weaving, yarn dyeing (synthetic and natural), as well as lecturing on color and on creativity. All are set up to accommodate all levels of student, from beginner to advanced, in the same class. He has taught at Convergence, regional conferences as well as for individual guilds. See some of his work and contact at


Rebecca Smith

Rebecca teaches workshops and classes on tapestry weaving. Her instruction emphasizes developing strong technical skills as a basis for weaving geometric and pictorial tapestries. She offers workshops to guilds and private groups, as well as regularly scheduled classes at the Crafts Center at the University of California, San Diego. For more information visit


Sara Smelt

Sara teaches workshops and gives seminars in traditional (wet) and nuno-felting across Southern California.  She also offers a 7-week E-course 'Learn to Felt'. For more information visit Sara's websites and


Cameron Taylor-Brown

Cameron is an artist, consultant, and educator, and leads workshops exploring design, color, creativity and the collaborative process. She teaches at schools, museums, guilds and conferences, including HGA Convergence. Topics include Ready Sett Go, Word Play, Garden Palettes, and Hands on Color. Workshops are 2 hours to 3 days. She also offers accessARTS professional development seminars. For more information go to

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