Sara moved to California from England in 1998. Despite enjoying many fulfilling years as a research scientist (Sara has a PhD in Immunology), her creative side always competed for attention. After 14 months of traveling and volunteering in 2010 /11 Sara returned ready to follow her heart and intuition.

Sara's interest in felting was first piqued when she saw it incorporated into freeform crochet pieces. A trip to Iceland, a extraordinary land full of wonderful traditional and nuno felt convinced her that this was where her fiber art future lay.

Sara has always seen art in science and science in art. When wool roving transforms into felt fabric however, that, is art, science and a little magic. As she grows as an artist, an instructor and an entrepreneur, she hopes to help shine a spotlight on this ancient, incredibly versatile and beautiful fiber art.

Sara offers 6 different wet-felting kits, and teaches felting workshops including a Felting e-Course at

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