Nadine Spier is an award-winning fiber artist and instructor.  Her elaborately woven vessels and sculptures are displayed internationally in solo, invitational and juried shows.  Using nature as inspiration, Nadine lovingly transforms fallen plant materials into beautiful and unique shapes.  She considers basketweaving to be an important environmental art that nourishes the spirit and provides an intimate connection with nature.  Nadine is committed to preserving this endangered art form and breaking new ground in contemporary basketry.  She has an impressive record of exhibitions,  commissions, and awards including the Handweavers’ Guild of America Award of Excellence, many First Places, Best of Show and Juror’s Choice.   She lectures and teaches basketry throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Her work has been published in numerous periodicals, in “500 Baskets: A Celebration of the Basketmaker’s Art” and she has been featured on the Discovery Channel.  Nadine has also  produced 3 basketry instructional DVD’s.

Artist Statement
The inspiration for my artwork comes from the beauty and tranquility found in nature. When I discovered basket weaving several years ago, I also discovered my soul's calling. Basket weaving became an immediate passion and ultimately my livelihood. I have always felt a reverence for our Mother Earth, and basketry allows those feelings to find artistic expression. As I gather, weave and transform fallen plant materials I am brought closer to nature and transported to a place of inner quiet and reflection. Many ancient cultures considered the art of basketry to be sacred, and it does indeed feel like a spiritual activity.

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