Maureen Cox was born in Los Angeles . She found art traveling the backroads of her path as a Textile Designer. She entered the world of textiles after receiving a Certificate in Textile Surface Design from Otis Parsons. At the beginning of her textile career she decided that she wanted to understand everything about textiles from the design process to printing so she continued her schooling at El Camino College in the art departmet starting with screen printing which motivated her to continue learning more art processes. She studied block printing and etching and then branched out into more textile arts such as dyeing, discharge, stitching, felting, these studies added more versatility and interest to her work as a freelance Textile Designer. Recently she had been concentrating on doing her own work utizilizing a myriad of the techniques she picked up on her journey into her creative expression. Maureen is excited and inspired by life and is continually experimenting and learning.
I am a fiber artist living and working in Woodland Hills, California. I am engaged in explorations thru fiber. I am interested in testing the mixing of different fibers, how they react to each other and how they differ in the way they accept color and form. Currently I am exploring the use of printing on fiber with rusty metal. It takes air, heat, moisture and time to transfer color from oxidizing metal
to fabric. The amount of different colors and shades of rust both amazes and intrigues me. Layering more color by over dyeing on top of the rust prints it is always exciting to see how the new color reacts with the rust. 

Using this metal thru the oxidizing process and following its breakdown into dust and small particles has helped me to connect more with the natural world around me. Being consciously present with the process assuages my wanting to be more green. By breaking the metal down I feel like an alchemist transmuting a disintegrating substance, reintegrating it into the earth and creating a work of beauty in the process. During this journey into onscious creation I have begun to integrate more recycled materials into my work and look forward to expanding in new ways. 

I trust and am moved by the unseen forces of energy and connection running thru all of us. My art is part of my meditation, a process of creating as I feel.
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