Cameron Taylor-Brown, an artist, consultant and educator, has immersed herself in the worlds of fiber, education and commerce since the 1970s. She studied fiber art at the University of California, Berkeley with artist Ed Rossbach, taught design at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, worked as a gallery curator, and was a founding board member of the Textile Group of Los Angeles. She is a past president of California Fibers and Designing Weavers. Her work is widely exhibited and is included in the Fiberarts Design Books Four, Five, Six and Seven.

An experienced teacher and facilitator, she conducts workshops internationally exploring textile design, color, creativity and the collaborative process. She also offers accessARTS professional development seminars that explore inquiry-based learning, creative problem solving, brainstorming and small-group collaboration. Most recently she founded ARTSgarage, a textile resource center in Los Angeles, where she hosts createIt@ARTSgarage, quarterly peer-to-peer seminars for educators.

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